services Overview

marketing translation

I have experience translating

  • marketing communications,

  • websites,

  • blog posts,

  • mobile games,

  • computer games,

  • brochures, and

  • emails

for SaaS companies, web-development companies, and game developers.


Sometimes clients come to me with texts that need more than just basic translation to get a catchy or snappy message across in English. I am happy to provide transcreation services for companies with more creative goals. This includes the translation of

  • landing pages,

  • slogans,

  • user interfaces,

and more!

other translation

I have also helped companies by translating

  • API documentation,

  • product descriptions, and

  • technical user guides

for their software.

I have translated news articles about

  • politics,

  • human rights, and

  • business.

My native knowledge of English and exposure to Russian culture guarantee that my translations of any general texts will be accurate and professional.

Let's create great content together!