Happy Clients


I have had the pleasure of working with Nina for eight months now [June 2016]. As a non-native speaker of English, sometimes I struggle with writing certain emails, website texts, etc. for my job as a software entrepreneur.

Nina has helped A LOT and almost resolved this issue for me. She does a really good job proofreading stuff I write so that when I put it out there, I can feel confident that it's written in proper American English.

Here are the three things I like most about working with Nina:
1) She is quite competent in digital marketing (which is the domain I create software for). As it turns out, it's extremely important to hire a proofreader/translator who has some expertise in the field that you're writing about. Nina's skills in digital marketing help her choose the most appropriate way of saying things and make sure my audience understands it. I've had the experience of working with proofreaders/translators without any domain expertise, and the results are DRASTICALLY different.
2) Nina finishes the projects she starts, even when I'm being meticulous and questioning every single detail.
3) She's just a nice person, and make whole process of proofreading enjoyable and educational for me.

— sergey zuev, marketing technologist, founder: GA connector

I've been working with Nina for over a year now [September 2017]. She has completed dozens of different tasks for my company, AcademyOcean (from proofreading short emails all the way up to translating a large part of our website). I am pleased with the results she provides.

I was very surprised when she told me that translation started out as a hobby for her. (She has now finished grad school for translation and transformed her hobby into full-time job. That's really great!) I have told Nina that I think of her not as a freelancer, but as a remote employee of AcademyOcean, because of the speed and accuracy of her work. I'm willing to confidently give Nina more and more tasks in the future.

— vladimir polo, ceo: academyocean